TIN WELDING: Soft filler welding used to attach metal sheets for electronic and circuit transfer.


STAINED GLASS - TRANSPARENT: Architectural colored Glass that illuminate different areas.


STAINED GLASS - OPALESCEN: Architectural colored Glass that illuminate different areas.


STAINED GLASS - TRANSLUCENT: Architectural colored Glass that illuminate different areas.


LEADED GLASS: High frequency radiation insulation, it is crystalline and is equivalent to sheet 2.4mm thick lead.


LEAD SHEET: Ionizing waves insulation, high frequency radiation like X-rays, gamma rays.


  • Radiation shielding products in X-ray and Gamma rays rooms, used in laboratories, dental and nuclear medicine and veterinary clinics.
  • Leaded doors, sound isolation booths, electroplating industry. Windows.
  • Lead-Lined Windows, Doors and Frames.
  • As corrosion shield for tanks in the electroplating industry and in the handling and storage of highly corrosive chemicals and acids.
  • Lead lining tanks.
  • Reducing sound and vibration in rooms.
  • As a sheet to emboss with different shapes in stained glass.

Easy to use because is flexible sheet, malleable allowing different shapes. It is easy to cut. It can also adhere easily to other surfaces.
The purity of lead that is used for the manufacture has at least 99.5% purity.

We follow international standards for production such as ASTM B749. To ensure the quality of our product.

Our sheet lead is extremely resistant to corrosion from the atmosphere, salt water, and most industrial chemicals. It is ideal for making corrosion-resistant gaskets, lead lining tanks, reducing sound in rooms and replacing metal flashing in roofs.

Reference Long Width X-Rays Generated by Peak
Voltages Not Exceeding
1.0mm 6m 60cm 75
1.5mm 4m 60cm 100
2.0mm 3m 60cm 125
2.5mm 2.5m 60cm 150
3.0mm 2m 60cm 175

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