• Tin and lead welds. Their main characteristic is their low melting point which allows an easier application and a permanent bond. Tin welds are also used in the transfer of electricity.
  • We produce welds in different shapes for an easier application.
  • Flat or triangular solid bars.
  • Wire. Diameter from 3.96mm (5 / 32) to 1 mm with or without resin core.
  • Tape or sheet up to 0.15 mm thick.
Reference Presentation
60×40 1/8 Solid wire Lb y Kg
60×40 1.2mm Resin wire Lb
40×60 Bar 400gr
40×60 Resin wire Kg
40×60 Triangular bar Kg
30×70 1/8 Solid wire Kg
30×70 wire 1.2mm resin Kg
30×70 wire 1.6 resin Kg
50×50 wire Kg
95×5 wire 5/32 solid Lb

Main applications:

  • Union of canals                                                                                      40×60.
  • Production of radiators                                                                        30×70.
  • Transmission of electricity in the union of circuits        20×80 – 60×40 – 1.2.

We also produce welding based on tin and antimony for bonding copper pipes. And tin and silver which is used in applications for the industries that produces equipment for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry.

Applications: Copper pipes bonding.                                   50X50 – 95X5


We produce alloys according to your need of composition and shape.


Used to TRANSPORT corrosive substances, this pipes are also used in immersion baths because of its high resistant to corrosion, and in refrigeration systems. The purity of lead that is used for the manufacture has at least 99.5% purity.

Commercially we find pipes of ½ inch internal diameter and 1 inch outside diameter.


We produce LEAD PLATE – SPECIAL TANKS – REACTORS of different thicknesses and dimensions according to the requirements of our customers.


Used to transfer electricity in electrolytic tanks. They are made with alloys according to the requirements of our customers. We can produce many shapes.


We produce special alloys based on lead, tin and antimony according to the requirements of our customers, the main use of these alloys is in the manufacturing of FINE JEWELRY.

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