Metales Joral LTDA is a specialized company in production and marketing in lead and non-ferrous alloys manufactures and products, dedicated to the health, electrical and automotive fields. Our mission is to provide these markets with the best quality products, with competitive prices, while promoting the complete customer satisfaction.

Our goal to 2013 is to achieve the growth of our company and the country, through infrastructure-modernization, discovering new markets, positioning ourselves as the lead company on the field.


Metales Joral LTDA was born in 2001 as a response to the needs of the Colombian and Latin American industry, providing ferrous alloys and pure metals, among other products.

The company has more than 35 years of experience in welding manufacture and special alloys. Metales Joral LTDA, formerly known as Metalúrgicas Joral LTDA, arises in 1070, created by two metallurgical engineers, whom with their tenacity, responsibility and quality; created products according to the different exigencies at metalworking industry around the country.

Metales Joral LTDA is committed at the social, ambient and economical development of the country, looking for development of our employees.

Our customers satisfy their expectative of provided products. We can find in our customers important Medical universities, hospitals, automakers companies, nationally and internationally.

We are looking for develop of central and south America, our office include destinations as Costa Rica, Guatemala, San Salvador, Ecuador, Venezuela, among others.

A synergetic mix between our professional mankind, makes we can provide an excellent advice, applying our knowledge to guarantee the quality with responsibility inside the making of our products, as of giving the biggest commitment: 50% of our employees are professional, while the other 50% have, at least, 10 years of experience in manufacturing products.


Metales Joral LTDA policy is to continually improve our company and satisfy our costumer through our advice and compliance in the supply; production and marketing of non-ferrous alloys products, with the best quality and guaranteed chemical composition.

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